financial statments

While most audited financial statements look pretty much the same on the surface, it's the approach and process of the audit that determines its value. Depending upon the extent of your needs, KPW provides three levels of financial statement services — audit, review, and compilation. Regardless of which level of service your business needs, professionals provide you with insight and information that you need to develop and strengthen policies that contribute to your company's strength, earnings, and future growth.

You receive the benefit of a comprehensive approach in an audit that includes such activities as:

  • Reviewing and evaluating your accounting system
  • Reviewing and evaluating your current procedures and controls
  • Help with controlling inventory
  • Testing compliance with manufacturers' selling agreements and management contracts
  • Confirmation with outside parties
  • Physical inspection and observation
  • Tracing transactions to supporting documents
  • Reviewing and evaluating cash management procedures

Reviewing and evaluating compensation policies

Our auditing team also searches for potential problems, such as waste and nonproductive assets, that affect profitability. We meet with you personally to discuss our findings, and then provide you with a written report in the form of a management letter.