Maximizing your after-tax earnings is your major objective, and you get year-round planning assistance from our tax services — not just a few meetings when it comes time to file your returns. This means that you can address potential tax concerns as they develop, and then get the most favorable results for your business. You will receive forecasts of year-end tax liabilities so that you will have adequate time to minimize their impact through reductions and/or deferments.

Our tax planners are knowledgeable and skilled in federal, state, and local laws governing a wide range of tax issues, including:

  • Balancing taxes between the corporation and the owners
  • Sub-Chapter S corporation planning
  • Special taxation planning for businesses who own their facilities
  • Leasing considerations

We maintain an extensive library, publish monthly newsletters, and offer a regular series of tax seminars to help keep you abreast of new tax developments and strategies. And, our estate planning consultants can work with you to minimize the impact of estate taxes on your survivors and/or how to transfer your business interest to the next generation under the most favorable tax conditions.